What a lovely surprise to find big fat duck eggs in my local green grocers ! Not a usual, as they normally just have fresh chicken eggs, I asked the young girl if they were local ? She said “oh not sure I just work here but I think they come from Kent ” So before I could think of a recipe my husband decides he wants two boiled for breakfast with soldiers! Bless. I don’t think I have boiled or cooked a duck egg for a long time so I googled how to boil a duck egg , the general consensus was 6-7 mins in boiling water. Well the frenchie critique (hubby) decided too well done! So my advise is to have a practice first especially if you’re having a dinner party , but if your just doing your husband a very nice breakfast don’t worry too much!!

20140429-224905.jpg Back to the eggs decided to poach them with asparagus for a lovely starter with a French dressing . Again I googled & the timing was perfect 4 mins! The recipe also said to break the egg in to a ramakin with cling film inside to make a neat parcel, I first put a little truffle oil & salt & pepper & then the egg on top , they do come out looking rather perfect , but apparently there are concerns about the heating of cling film ! I guess if your eating 6 poached eggs a day 7 days a week then there could be a real health issue , but if like us a couple every so often not a problem! 20140429-224938.jpg

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Hi I have been buying meet from Stone Meat Ltd Suffolk they sell their meat & game at Thorpe bay Broadway tomorrow & every 3rd Sun.also in Leigh Elm Rd every 3rd Fri.all local meat and have found them excellent managed to get an Aylesbury duck this Christmas and it was delicious.bought venison rabbit & pigeon this morning as he was in Hockley today. Pierre said you might be interested. Paul & Lisa Stone 07830 371976 Rhyne Park Farm Suffolk
Joyce Currie x


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