Supermarkets the difference, I’ve done them all!!!!!

Asda My local 5 mins down the road . Although extremely convenient not my first choice . Having said that I think the fresh fruit & veg is extremely good & I’ve come to the conclusion it’s because of the turn over!
Asda has to be the most competitive supermarket for value, therefore no banana or carrot is going to sit on the shelf longer than 5 mins, everything is very fresh ! My absolute must at the mo is piccolo cherry tomatoes I use them in my menu choice ( pan seared chorizo with balsamic cherry tomatoes & red pepper on ciabatta ) & the best I can find is in Asda.

Waitrose is the next nearest. You shop there if you have a Range rover , Porsche or BMW , because the car park is mostly empty! Frenchie loves it! & so do I sometimes but not for fresh fruit & veg! It’s a definite if you’re doing a dinner party & want something that little bit special, you wouldn’t find a better cheese selection anywhere else.

Sainsburys Got to be my favourite for the last 6 months, fruit & veg very fresh always good offers on meat & boy did I get a bargain the other day ! Aberdeen Angus beef bone in rib was £17 per kg reduced to £10 per kg , slightly wary I asked why it had been reduced she said ” sometimes they buy too much therefore have to reduce ” apparently nothing to do with ‘sell by’ date. Lovely look out for these bargains!

Morrisons there’s not much I like about it, trust me I’ve shopped there many times as it was my mum’s local & she had worked there for many years before she became ill , fruit & veg I always struggle to find what I want, never seems to be many offers, or maybe I just don’t find them.

Aldi & lidl Again everyone raves about being supermarket of the year, actually not sure which one! Not my choice, I’ve walked around them many a time & picked up a couple of things, just because I thought well I’m in here now I have to buy something , then I go to the checkout , I’ve got three items & there’s no quick get out unlike Sainsburys & Asda ! It’s wait your turn & that means your after all those people out there that think its great & are doing their weekly shopping for a family of eight.

Tesco 1 actually would probably shop here more often if it wasn’t for the fact it’s too far for me, I will usually pop in if I’m passing just to see what they would have a bit different, & tomorrow I will be making the trip there because I just looked on-line & Tesco is the only supermarket I can get caper berries, which is going to be a must for my Ham hock terrine.

Marks & Spencer This is for the lazy cook who has ” loads a money ” again I’ve tried it for convenience as they do some great ready meals, unfortunately frenchie can spot them a mile off! I tried on a few occasions to give him a ready meal, disguised on my lovely crockery, but you can’t fool a frenchie! Too many years of cooking home made from scratch, I’ve spoilt him & there’s no going back

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