Today is finalising
So today I’ve finalised the pages for my blog which were , Tuition , Dinner party , and Menu .

Now I want to tell you about my menu, it took many weeks of experimenting & tasting , but I think I’ve come up with the perfect spring summer menu! Frenchie has really enjoyed all the taste testing I’ve made him do just to perfect.


Firstly the starter, Smoked salmon, prawn & cucumber jelly pots, as usual I’ve adapted the recipe, they look very impressive but I wanted to add prawns to make the jelly even more delightful , & again in my experience as a cook you really have to get the gelatine just right! Not always easy.
Secondly the main , Pan fried cod with a petit pois , broad bean and pancetta broth , again I adapted this to my personal taste ,but I can assure you it’s perfect , the recipe I followed to start with was too dry, by adding the broth it just made so much difference to all the flavours.
Thirdly the desert, Hazelnut meringues , hazelnut praline , and chocolate sauce , what would you need to adapt ? Nothing, perfection

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