Take a look at my latest purchase . I call them my little glass gems!

I’ve been looking for weeks to buy some delicate glass dessert dishes, I’d almost given up when my friend said ” you should look in the charity shops ” off I went to my local Fair Haven & came back with eight perfect dishes. I really like the fact that they’re not modern!
I think it’s nice to mix your table with modern traditional & vintage.
I have acquired lots of relics from my lovely mums kitchen ,she did enjoy her cooking! But also from my mother in law, she has loaned me some family heirlooms ( glasses, crockery, & cutlery ) which I often use with my modern accessories.
So you can see the little dishes were just the thing for my Lemon & Lime posset &
what a bargain at £5.50 for eight !!
Check out your local charity shops for your cookery needs I think you will be pleasantly surprised .

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