Our lovely friends are moving house & unfortunately they’re not very organised, lots of packing to be done in such a short space of time!
So as usual I’m thinking the best way I can help them is to cook, but what a nightmare !
He is very french & loves just about anything to do with food , but probably mostly meat & rare if not walking ! She is a vegetarian !
So I set to with something that could be easily transported so they could carry on with packing & this is what I come up with.
Roasted aubergine , courgette & caramelised onion tart tatin
Potato salad
Rocket salad with French dressing
My lovely mum said to me “when you care & help people , good things will happen to you”
He obviously couldn’t be bothered to pack these wonderful jars of fruit & the box of calissons d’aix

Thanks & good luck Justine & Antoine

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Very nice post! I shall share it and I wish you plenty of happy clients!


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