Do it the French way .
We’ve just returned from a week in the Languedoc region in the south of France , unfortunately we are both probably half a stone heavier! The reason being good food & good wine!
When we visit France frenchie likes to eat out most of the time , & “why not” I say, a very welcome break for me & also to check out how our french counterparts do it! Trust me they do it well !
But that’s not to stop us visiting the local food markets , our local is Pezanas & apparently the best in the region, as you can see from the photos.
There are plenty of supermarkets also but it seems the french prefer to use the fresh produce of their local markets, what a shame we can’t do the same !
They’re not afraid of a potato covered in mud, or a carrot that looks like a mishape or even a few crawly things in their salad. Unlike us Brits who prefer clean potato’s, carrots all the same size & best of all salad in a bag washed ( usually in chemicals )


There is every food you can imagine to buy , from fresh meat , fish , shellfish , even cooked dishes , cassoulet , paella , squid stew all cooked in the biggest pans you could imagine !


By the time we had walked back most of the cooked dishes were already gone ! I guess that’s what the french call their Saturday night takeaway , sure would do for me .
Then there’s the cheeses, & the olives , we think we have a good selection in our supermarkets , trust me there really is nothing to compare!


Imagine having the selection of cheese for your dinner party , I would spend a fortune on cheese alone.
Although I love cooking obviously I would defiantly buy the ready cooked meals they have to offer , certainly not like what we call a ready meal !
So we can do starter , main course , cheese all from the market , now it’s desert & again they come up trumps , unbelievable pastries , tarts , & gateaux s.


No need to cook when your on holiday !

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Wow, I am getting hungry right now, lovely food 🙂


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