Herb garden
I’m fed up with buying supermarket pot herbs that last no longer than your fake tan!
So I’ve decided to do it myself ! But I have to be careful here because frenchie doesn’t want anything on the dining room window sills to spoil his view!
So I’ve been given the option of flat herbs or put them somewhere else .
Well we all know they grow & by god did they!
I’m glad to say he grew with them & didn’t notice anything other than good herbs good food!
I have french parsley, french tarragon ,garden mint, dill, garlic chives, thyme , sage, & now I have a miniature cucumber , all of which I use in my menu!
If you use herbs in your cooking try growing your own trust me you will save & they look amazing as you can see.
This is a typical Sunday just to show you how my herbs come in to action.
First brunch
The herb was dill

Smoked salmon with dill sauce ,scrambled egg,bagel,soda
bread, yum!!!
Then there was afternoon Pimms
The herb was mint
You just need to add what ever takes your fancy , the norm is cucumber ,mint, orange slices, & maybe lemon slices, but I also like strawberries.
Finally dinner
The herbs were tarragon & parsley
Aberdeen Angus rib of beef , homemade chips, green beans, with a tomato & tarragon dressing.
To add to this our frenchie friend brought a wonderful bottle of red wine ,actually it wasn’t a bottle it was a magnum, perfect ending to a good Sunday

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Get. chopping I’ll be round next Sunday!


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