JML can go to hell!!
And Sainsbury check out your customer services!!
I’m writing this blog to warn you all if you’re thinking of purchasing a JML hands free can opener don’t believe a word!
I bought this can opener back in January as my lovely Mum was having trouble opening her Heinz baked beans.
I walked in SOUTHEND Sainsburys & there it was a big promotion stand.
Perfect I thought , but I was sooo wrong, I think my Mum gave up after the second attempt, I took it home to give it a try thinking maybe she wasn’t using it properly! Well she was right the thing was useless !
I couldn’t remember how much it cost but I do believe if it doesn’t work take it back!
I did think at the time I haven’t got a receipt so I probably don’t stand a chance , but I looked on-line & there it was.

I went to customer services & Mrs customer services was happy to take it back as long as she could find a bar code, guess what she couldn’t ! So then Mrs Line manager joined in & she couldn’t either! Out of the blue who should turn up but Mr Homeware manager . They asked him if he remembers the can opener so they could get a bar code.
Bearing in mind I bought this thing in January & I took it back in March , he says ” no never seen it before definitely not a product we’ve had in store”
By now I’m feeling like a criminal ! Mrs customer services could see the look on my face & decides to call head office, again in front of me, I could see I wasn’t going to win but by then I was infuriated I knew I’d bought it from that store & now head office were saying no it’s never been in store just on-line!

I walked out of there so humiliated & chucked the thing in my boot,
But guess what 5 months later I found the bloody receipt I couldn’t wait to get in there!
I went back in with satisfaction because it was still in the back of my boot & I had a receipt .
Who should be there at customer services but Mrs line manager! As soon as I got it out she said ” oh yeah I remember ” so I asked her “you remember that all 3 of you said I hadn’t bought it from your store?
Well here’s the receipt ”
You can see by the second receipt how embarrassed she was & couldn’t stop apologising , basically she gave me back double the money, I explained to her it wasn’t the money it was the principal !
I was fully aware that I didn’t stand much chance without a receipt but the fact that all 3 of them were adamant that I hadn’t bought it in store made me feel like I was a liar & very humiliated!
I know I’ve ranted but I think Sainsburys should learn a lesson from this I hope Mrs line manager passed it on!
Shame on Sainsburys

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