Sunday Times
So here we are again Sunday ! And as much as I love a roast it does get a bit boring , so with my Aberdeen Angus rib of beef I decided to do something different !
I found this recipe? Roast beef fillet & grapes with tarragon sauce, even though I have a recipe in my menu for beef with a tomato & tarragon sauce my friend questioned the tarragon with beef! She said ” oh that’s strange I would only ever use tarragon with fish” putting this little seed of doubt in my mind I thought I’d do a little research & this is what I found!
Heston’s top 10 tips for beef.
What works well with beef include caviar, anchovies , blue cheese, tarragon , capers.
My mind rested I carried on with my recipe & it was gorgeous , the pancetta & the anchovies gave it a really salty flavour , but not too much & the grapes & red wine gave it a fruity sweetness a perfect balance !

Roast beef fillet & grapes with tarragon sauce
Serves 8
Slices of pancetta to wrap around 1.2 kg of beef ( choose your own cut)
250g seedless red grapes
25g butter
125 ml red wine
Tarragon sauce
1 bunch of tarragon
1 bunch of parsley
1 shallot
45g can of anchovies ( I also used the oil )
60 ml olive oil
2 tsps red wine vinegar

On high heat brown the wrapped beef
Transfer the pan to oven high heat for 20 mins
Add grapes, butter, & wine roast for further 10 mins for medium or until cooked to your liking
Rest beef for 10 mins
Combine all the ingredients & add to meat juices
Cook the sauce through for a few mins& take away any fat or oil from the sauce.
And there it is!!!!!!


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